Mar 23

Free online assessment to keep older family members safe during the CoronaVirus

Assisted Living Locators is a free, nationwide senior care placement and referral service for in-home care, independent retirement options, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities.

If you have a loved one whom you are concerned about during this challenging time, this is a place you can go to see if he or she would be safer for a few weeks away from most people. You know the government has said long-term care facilities can’t have visitors right now, so he or she could actually be safer there than at home.

AND, if your loved one is receiving LTC insurance benefits, the policy likely has a benefit for respite care that would PAY for the temporary safe living space! Betcha would never have thought of that. This is called a respite care benefit, and it is designed to give the caregiver rest and can be an extended time to allow the entire family to go on vacation for a week or so.

Policies typically cover 14-25 days per year in an assisted living facility or nursing home. So if you are taking care of your loved one at home, this could be something you would want to look into.

Also, if you are thinking that you don’t want your own children becoming a primary caregiver for you someday, now is the time to have a no-obligation consultation with one of my hand-selected long-term care planning specialists by clicking here. There are new options today that didn’t exist several years ago, like products with fewer health questions, policies that can be paid up with guaranteed premium, and cash benefits that don’t require proof of services. That will help us pay for the caregiving robots that are just around the corner. Hmmm, I just can’t decide which order to place for mine. Will he look like Harrison Ford? Brad Pitt? But there’s Liam Neeson…what an awful decision…I know, I’ll order one of each!

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