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Phyllis Shelton is the nation’s leading consumer advocate for long-term care insurance. She has the innate ability to take a process that most consider complicated and make it practical and easy-to-understand. This two-volume set invites affiliates to help families keep choice and dignity by planning ahead for long-term care, which can happen to people of all ages; auto accidents, brain tumors, strokes, early Alzheimer’s etc. The 6″ x 6″ ABCs of Long-Term Care Insurance is a “Cliff Notes” overview, and the 368-page Protecting Your Family With Long-Term Care Insurance is the deep dive!  Both are written in a fun, down-to-earth style with the main goal of helping families avoid the emotional and financial ravages of being a primary caregiver with very little help. Now you can own both for an affordable $29.95, as Phyllis Shelton also sees this information as vital to the economy of each state by positioning private insurance to pay first, and public dollars last. This preserves precious state budget dollars to pay for education and other critical services that we all need.

The ABC's of Long Term Care Insurance & Long Term Care: Your Financial Planning Guide

“Phyllis Shelton is the only person I trust to keep me up to date on what I need to know about long-term care insurance. Read this book.”
– Suze Orman

The ABCs of Long Term Care Insurance
– PLUS –
Protecting Your Family With Long-Term Care Insurance
GET BOTH BOOKS for only $29.95!


Protecting Your Family With Long-Term Care Insurance

Provides a much more comprehensive look at long-term care planning:

  • Are long-term care insurance policies right for you?
  • How do you prioritize your benefit selections to get the best coverage for your budget?
  • Why employers must lead the way in offering LTC insurance
  • The Partnership for Long-Term Care – does it really protect assets?
  • Combo life / annuity / LTC plans – the most important feature to make them work
  • Taxes – the latest incentives for long-term care insurance
  • Reverse mortgages and life settlements – show me the money!
  • Medicaid – the full impact of the Deficit Reduction Act on LTC benefits
  • Medicare – the latest info on Medicare Advantage and Medicare drug benefits
  • Why health care reform makes long-term care insurance even more important!

Come along for an entertaining and incredibly insightful rendition of the long-term care issue in eight eye-opening chapters!

“We’re likely to live longer, but can we afford to live comfortably? The answer is yes – for your parents and yourself – if you plan appropriately. Phyllis Shelton’s advice about long term care planning can make all the difference for your entire family.”
-Terry Savage, Chicago Sun-Times Financial Columnist

The ABCs of Long Term Care Insurance

For years, I have been asked to produce a short, concise consumer booklet that anyone can understand. Well, I listened. The ABCs of Long Term Care Insurance is a quick, compassionate read to help you determine if long term care insurance is right for you and if so, it provides a checklist of the main benefit decisions that will determine your premium.
– Phyllis Shelton

This book covers:

  • the impact of long-term care on families using real-life stories
  • what is long-term care and why is it not covered by health insurance?
  • will Medicaid, Medicare or some other government program cover LTC? What happened to the CLASS Act?
  • Does the Partnership between LTC insurance and Medicaid really protect assets?
  • the benefit decisions that determine premium
  • how do I get a claim paid?
  • how do I qualify for LTC insurance?
  • What is the true value of long-term care insurance?
  • What about employer-sponsored plans?
  • Combining life insurance or annuities with long-term care insurance

And SO MUCH more…

The ABCs of Long Term Care Insurance
– PLUS –
Protecting Your Family With Long-Term Care Insurance
GET BOTH BOOKS for only $29.95!