Operation Starfish – Are You That One? Women, Please Act NOW!

This post is an urgent call to all of you who have faithfully responded to Suze Orman’s February 18, 2016 blog about how important it is for women especially to get long-term care insurance NOW.  She just Facebooked the same article last night and more of you are pouring in…but here’s the urgency.  The article says there are only TWO companies left that are not gender-rated…that means not charging women a LOT more…New York Life and Mass Mutual. 2

New York Life is no longer selling that product EXCEPT in California and Hawaii.  We thought we would have Mass Mutual until September at least, but the announcement came out THIS MORNING that June 30th is the LAST DAY to have an application signed and into the home office.  This means if you haven’t reserved a time to speak with us, NOW IS THE TIME.

Why am I jumping off a cliff about this?  Because WOMEN NEED LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE.  Two-thirds of the claims are women.  Women live longer – we take care of those darn men, they die off and leave us and then we need care!  Laws of the universe, I guess.  It doesn’t always happen that way, as in the beautiful story of Vernon and Helen Duckett.  Mr. Duckett stepped up and took care of Helen who was the one who had pushed for the policies, and he was able to take care of her “in style” because of his long-term care insurance!

MEN – a word to you.  If you want to take care of your sweetheart, GET LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE ON YOURSELF.  If she does become your caregiver she will need all the help she can get!  Yes, really.  Listen to me. I don’t care if she is a nurse, a doctor, or an Indian Chief.  She has to sleep and so  do you.  Plus, if you get a policy, she will get a 30% discount instead of only 15%.  This can be a spouse or domestic partner of course.

The little boy was tirelessly lobbing starfish into the ocean, surrounded by millions of them.  A group of teenage boys saw him and started jeering.  “What are you, stupid?”  they laughed.  “There are millions of starfish on this beach! What you are doing doesn’t matter!”  Without looking up, the boy kept throwing the starfish back in the ocean as hard as he could, as fast as he could.  The biggest boy came up to him and said “Didn’t you hear me?  What you are doing doesn’t matter!”  Again, without looking at his tormentors, he quietly said, “It mattered to that one” as he threw it as far as his little arm would let him, into the welcoming waves and don’t you know, there was a whole family of starfish, waving and cheering at the return of their son, husband, brother, cousin, or just plain ole best friend.

Are you that one? Do you have children or other loved ones who will suffer if you don’t plan for long-term care?

Mass Mutual is also the last policy that will let  you spend your premium dollars on just facility care so you can afford that country club assisted living facility someday.  See my earlier article “Why Would Anyone Buy a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Without Home Care Benefits?”

Helping families plan for long-term care has been my primary mission in life for 27 years.

To show you how serious I am, we will be opening Sunday consultations so if you don’t see one now and that’s the only time you can meet, check back shortly. There’s no obligation to buy anything as always, but you will kick yourself later if you have been thinking about this and haven’t acted.

Now respectfully, if you have a number of health issues, please schedule a time after June 30th as there are other ways we can help you.  But if you think you are in reasonably good health, please book a time with us.  My wonderful Qualified Partners and I are standing by to help you.

Last but not least, all y’all who HAVE met with us and are considering a Mass Mutual policy, please sign up for another consultation 5so we can take your application and get it submitted.  Even if you change your mind later during the 30-day free look period, at least you will have the choice.  If you don’t apply, that choice is gone forever and others may suffer because of your lack of action.

Are you that one?

If you have any issues reserving a spot or don’t see a time that fits your schedule, please email Lawrence@GotLTCI.com and he will be glad to book you. We will work evenings, over the weekend, WHATEVER IT TAKES TO HELP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

So click on any of the starfish and they will lead you to the consultation reservation page.

Are you that one?


If we have helped you already, please tell your friends and family…and feel free to add a comment to this post to let others know that we really do care!


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