The Talk

Having the conversation with loved ones about long term care and retirement planning can be tough. Join us in discussing the reality of aging and getting older, and how we can prepare for it.

Genworth partners with Rob Lowe, Maria Shriver, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Angela Bassett, Zachary Quinto and Jim Nantz to discuss the importance of having ‘the talk’ with loved ones about planning for long term care. Hear some of the struggles they’ve faced, and discover why planning ahead is so important.


    • Cheryl on December 4, 2015 at 7:13 am
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    Like I want to listen to them. They are all rich. I am a retired person with health,drug insurance going up and am screwed because u have to have it. Retired 8 yes. Have a medium portfolio to live on and now pay $5000 a yr for LTC. 2 yrs ago it was 1\2 that. I have to have tooth implant over $5000. Use people like me who are trying not to lose everything. Still in stock market, the only wait to get money but more difficult everyday to watch it fluctuate.

    1. May I suggest that you evaluate a fixed index annuity to preserve and grow your savings instead of being at the mercy of the stock market? you experience some of the growth if the market goes up and none of the downside if the market goes down.

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