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Ask Your Employer to Offer Long-Term Care Insurance

Ask your employer to offer long-term care insurance that is qualified for the Long-Term Care Partnership to employees 18+ to help your family AND your state budget.

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The New Directions of LTCI

The New Directions of LTCI (written for Agent Sales Journal, January 2010 issue) Research from McKinsey & Co. finds that the average American family will face a savings gap of $250,000 at the time of retirement. Even with payments from Social Security and pensions, as well as personal savings in 401(k) and other retirement plans, …

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Trends in LTCI or Trains?

Trends in LTCI or Trains? (written for Life Insurance Selling, November 2010 issue) The long-term care insurance industry is hanging between the Medicaid expansion on one side making people think the state will pay, the CLASS Act on the other side making people think the federal government will pay, and rate increases hanging over us …

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You Can’t Put a Price on Dignity

You Can’t Put a Price on Dignity (written for California Broker, November 2010) The nation is being engulfed by a tidal wave of entitlement mentality. The feasibility of funding long-term care with taxpayer dollars through the Medicaid program is bleak with 150 million employees vs. 58 million people on Medicaid today.2, 3 That’s a ratio …

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Long-Term Care Insurance Needed to Protect America’s Financial Recovery

Long-Term Care Insurance Needed to Protect America’s Financial Recovery (written for Agent Sales Journal, November 2010 issue) By Phyllis Shelton, President, LTC Consultants and LTCiTraining.com America has a choice to make. There’s no way that public dollars alone can pay the long-term care for the baby boomers, 95% of whom have no coverage for long-term …

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State Budget Shortfalls and State-Specific Budget Cuts

Public-Private Long-Term Care Insurance Plans will have a tremendously positive impact on state budgets if we educate employers to offer it now to all employees to decrease cuts in other services like you see here.

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States Continue to Feel Recession’s Impact

By Elizabeth McNichol, Phil Oliff, and Nicholas Johnson

The worst recession since the 1930s has caused the steepest decline in state tax receipts on record. State tax collections, adjusted for inflation, are now 12 percent below pre-recession levels, while the need for state-funded services has not declined. As a result, even after making very deep spending cuts over the last two years, states continue to face large budget gaps.

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An Update on State Budget Cuts

By Nicholas Johnson, Phil Oliff, and Erica Williams

With tax revenue still declining as a result of the recession and budget reserves largely drained, the vast majority of states have made spending cuts that hurt families and reduce necessary services. These cuts, in turn, have deepened states’ economic problems because families and businesses have less to spend.

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