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We started our call with my feeling angry and fearful over a 72% annual premium increase in my LTC.  With your knowledge of LTC,  you took ample time to give me a rational explanation, to help me understand, and to decide my best course of action.  What a relief!  Thank you, Phyllis, not only for your excellent advice, but also for caring.  I recommend you highly.  Faye Wilson Topeka, KS 03-07-20
I know any mention of “Long Term Care” sends heads into the sand.  After Peter and I crossed the 50 mark, we knew it was time to get this insurance in place.  I found that none of our support professionals (accountant, financial planner or insurance broker) had specified experience in long term care. They all had recommendations, but each had concerning holes. So I did a deep dive and found JOHN FERRONI, CLTC, RHU, CSA.  While he has his own agency, he is also affiliated with Got LTCi – and Phyllis Shelton (one of the national experts in this area).  John’s customer service has been remarkable.  His approach is soft sell, with immediate follow up to all communication. We have respected John’s expert knowledge and integrity.  We can’t recommend him more highly.  Even if you’re not ready to commit to this insurance, it’s important to know the market and what you need to plan for ahead.  Many of us are now understanding how stressful and burdensome caring for our aging parents can be – and how prohibitively expensive support costs are without this insurance in place.  Peter and I are relieved that Colin will never feel this burden on our behalf.  Here’s a great short video on the topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBPfvj3QTl0.  Give John a call, and start a conversation…      Heather W. NC 1/16/20  
Hi Phyllis,
It was such a pleasure talking with you last Saturday and we thank you for giving us an awareness and peace of mind about our Long Term Care policy.  We feel much more confident about our actions 13 years ago and keeping the policy going as we enter into our retirement years.  We have an action to let both of our daughters know about our LTC policy and benefits and to file our policy paperwork in our safety deposit box at the bank where our other important docs are stored. 
I am so thankful that women like you and Suze are like compasses for those of us who are navigating through life, sometimes needing good direction to find our way. Thank you again! Mary K. CA 06-10-2019

Phyllis Shelton sold me an excellent long-term care insurance policy on my wife in 1997. She used language to take care of her needs that we had not thought about. We filed a claim in November 2012. She has represented us in getting the claim approved by the insurance company over 15 years after the policy was bought. Not many agents provide this service. I recommended her to my brother-in-law shortly after we bought our policy. He bought a long-term care policy on his wife. Her family was very pleased with the service they received on the claims paid three years prior to her death. Russell P., Tennessee 02-11-13

Phyllis Shelton explained what I should do in easy to understand terms. She gave me information that was very helpful on my existing LTC policy. She spent a good amount of time with me and then sent me a very detailed summary of everything she recommended. Was so thankful I found her. Yvonne H., Texas 09-11-17 (Note from Phyllis: Yvonne asked for help in evaluating a rate increase with her CUNA LTCi policy.)

I want to thank Bill for taking the time to speak to me today about long term care. He was so thoughtful and thoroughly answered my questions. What a help he was to me with this confusing type of insurance. Mary S., CA 05-02-16 (Note from Phyllis: Mary called in to see if she and her husband should accept the rate increase from CalPers. They have unlimited benefits and a daily benefit of $289 which grows every year. Bill showed her that if either one of them have a claim at the average age of 82, they will get the premium back that they will pay between now and then in less than a year.)

Thanks Phyllis for your terrific advice, delivered in a timely unbiased manner. I also appreciate the clarity and straightforward presentation of information. In particular, understanding a target monthly payout 20 or so years from now was very useful information to have. JWS, NY, 012616 (Note from Phyllis: He is referring to the way I project current costs into the future and help people establish a target for future benefits to be sure they can make up the difference between their policy’s daily or monthly benefit and the actual cost of care at claim time.)

I’m very thankful about having found you! Laura S., CA

I recently attended the monthly CMSA Lunch & Learn meeting at Centennial Medical Center and heard Phyllis Shelton speak on Long Term Care Insurance.  I am the current Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Middle TN Chapter of CMSA and regularly attend these monthly meetings. Ms. Shelton did an excellent job explaining a wide array of important information regarding Long Term Care Insurance, from how early or young a person should consider taking out a policy, to how premiums look now versus 5 and 10 years ago and how they will increase, to the broad range of services a policy covers and finally to how financially devastating it can be to need this coverage and not have it. Her talk was thorough and in depth but very understandable to the “layperson” and even health care workers who may not be as informed as they might think.  Ms. Shelton’s presentation met the objectives of the CE program very nicely and was well received by the entire audience. There was an interesting variety of thoughtful questions following the talk which always indicates to me that the audience is engaged, listening well and interested in the topic. I would highly recommend this talk to other Case Management groups; actually as I listened to her, I thought of friends in other industries whose companies could also benefit from hearing her presentation. Elizabeth McAllister, SunCrest Home Health, TN

I heard about you through Suze Orman’s book The Money Class and from there I went to your website, ordered both your books and studied them. I love your 2 books.  They broke down the most complicated material into understandable terms and I loved the tables and Consumer Alerts.  I feel more confident now that I made a good choice and that I’m getting a good deal.  Without your resource materials and help I probably would not have ended up with Long Term Care Insurance.  Thanks for your encouragement and support. Luci B., Virginia

I have enjoyed every minute of working with you through this process. You are delightful and I am glad to have met you. You made the daunting task of understand and obtaining LTCI an actual pleasure. Who can ever say that about buying an insurance policy! Excellent customer service is hard to find these days so when i experience it, I like to share it.  Your website was easy to navigate with useful information; it was simple to contact you by email; Your quick email response was unexpected; the promptness of your follow up phone call was uncommon; but what stands out to me most was and is your willingness to spend the time needed to educate me as thoroughly as I needed and all the while showing patience and the utmost courtesy. You are going to make a real difference in many people’s lives down the road.   Liz B., Oregon

Thank you so very much for this detailed tax information.  You answered all of our questions. We want to also sincerely thank you and Pennye for the expertise you have provided.  This purchase was a reluctant one but we are both very glad we had the opportunity to become educated by you. Suze Orman has again given us very sound advice by recommending you.  Teresa S., Florida

My experience working with Phyllis Shelton was a wonderful one.  She took me from ground zero in knowledge to a place where I am comfortable with my future.  She was amazing walking me through the process, answering my many questions, recommending what I needed for my peace of mind.  As a person without children, it is important that I have set plans to be taken care of, and in my own home.  Ms. Shelton was educational, professional, compassionate  and understanding.  I am happy to recommend her as an expert in her field and in working with people.  Charles B., Illinois

I initially felt overwhelmed by even the thought of buying Long Term Care insurance.  How would I know what would work best for me?  But Phyllis is so knowledgeable and competent, and after she stepped me through the different areas of coverage, it quickly became clear what I needed to do.  Her advice and recommendations — based on years of experience in the field — were invaluable.  And she’s delightful to work with.  I actually enjoyed the process!  Now I have such peace of mind, knowing I’m prepared for the future.  Thank you, Phyllis!  Your services are such a gift. Linda G., California

We really appreciate your incredible help in walking us through this and insuring that we could apply before the deadline. As we go forward I know the realization of what a benefit this insurance is will sink in even more. I’m already starting to think about conversations we can have with my step-sons and their families to relieve them of any concerns that they might have to pay for our care later on, and what a huge relief that will be for them. Just this morning I felt a shift in how I look at our future – lighter, brighter, freer to put our time and focus and energies on issues other than our health care because of this policy and because of you. Really, I had to work with someone I could trust. Vivian G., California

There are not enough words to express our appreciation for everything you did for us. I truly enjoyed working with Phyllis Shelton to find the best program for our needs. She was patient, sincere, understanding, knowledgeable, and genuinely cared about my family’s well-being – now and in the future. She knows her stuff! Sherry B., California

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