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Thank you for stopping by my new website created just for consumers who don’t have a local insurance professional to answer their questions about long-term care insurance. My commitment to you is to provide a simple explanation for whatever you ask me, and that’s why this site and my newest book are both called The ABC’s of Long-Term Care Insurance. The subject of planning for long-term care has gotten way too complicated, and I’m here to help you sort through any confusion.

If you found me through my dear friend, Suze Orman, then we  share a connection already of knowing a truly great person with a huge heart who lives to help families go from just surviving the current economy into embracing The New Retirement.  I’m thrilled to participate in that journey with Suze to help you and your family know just how important the step of planning for long-term care is. And let me be very upfront about where I am on this topic.

Planning for long-term care is not just a good idea – it’s essential for most Americans so that families can retain INDEPENDENCE and CHOICE when care is needed.

Is long-term care insurance right for everyone? No, but you owe it to yourself and your family to find out if it’s right for you. And now you have a willing navigator…ME.

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