Would you please provide your thoughts on LTCi vs a hybrid life insurance policy that allows you to withdraw funds for medical care as needed, can be left to survivors, and is tax free? I’m getting financial advice from different directions on this and feel like there’s something I’m not seeing. Appreciate any guidance. I think the premiums would be more affordable too.

The hybrid plans are very popular now as they guarantee your premium and can be paid up at some point. And, as you pointed out, there is money to leave to heirs if you don’t need much care or any care. The benefits are tax-free, just like with traditional LTCi. However, they can cost more because you are buying that death benefit, and with some policies, a return of premium if you change your mind. However, some have annual premiums instead of a lump sum. The only way you can find out is to meet with us and let us customize a plan for you. Please complete the short questionnaire at https://www.gotltci.com/contact-us/ so we can help you right away.

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