Why would I be offered a non-qualified policy?

Non-qualified policies will pay for short-term conditions because they do not have the 90-day certification requirement. They may also pay a claim quicker for you because some of them pay when you need help with only one Activity of Daily Living. If the ADL list includes bathing, it will be very easy to get a claim paid.  Some non-qualified policies will pay if you don’t need help with any ADLs and you are not cognitively impaired, your doctor just has to say you have an illness or injury for which you need care. You know the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” Not only are companies who pay benefits out too quickly at risk for rate increases, but some may struggle to stay in business when the baby boomers start filing long-term care insurance claims. Long-term care was never intended to pay for short-term conditions. That’s for health insurance, Medicare, Medicare supplement or HMOs to pay. LTC insurance is for the 90-day and longer episodes. That’s why it’s called “long-term care.”

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