If our employer doesn’t offer LTC, where do you recommend we get it? No doubt some companies are better than others…where do I get a recommendation? T.S.

Congratulations for contacting me and realizing how essential it is to seek more information about planning for long-term care with long-term care insurance!  Do let your employer know you are interested in having it available as a benefit as sometimes the employer will seek a plan out for you and the other employees with a one-time opportunity for limited health questions.

If that’s not an option or looks like it will take a long time, you can ask agents that you do business with for other insurance products.  If you are unable to find help, I am available to help people who don’t have a local agent or financial advisor.  If you would like to set up a personal consultation with me to customize a plan to your situation, just go to the “Contact us” under the Q&A tab and respond with the answers to the questions on that page along with your approximate height and weight. My staff will contact you and set up a time that will work for you.

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