I was an advocate for my father with his LTC policy. I feel it is so important to have someone that can speak for you and advocate. My husband and I have a LTC policy. If we were to move into an assisted living community do they have advocates for you to support you with your policy? We do not have children or anyone that could do this for us in our family. I know how important it is as I really had to be that advocate for my father.

It really varies by assisted living facility, but I have great news. A wonderful colleague of mine SPECIALIZES in LTCi claims advocacy. Here is her name and contact info:
Linda A. Jahnke B.C.P.A, Board Certified Patient Advocate, Linda.Jahnke@JCLTCA.com, WWW.JCLTCA.com, Office: 858-513-8351 I just spoke with her. She has been an agent for years but is now managing claims for about 150 cases. She has such a heart for advocacy and sticks with the claim for 12 months at a time, including filing the claim and working through the assessment.

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