I saw the huge bills created as my mother got sick and ultimately died. Now, it absolutely terrifies me that one day I might be in that same position. I hope you can shed some light on a way to get LTC insurance if your are not financially well off. (I am single with no kids.)

It’s especially difficult for single women to contemplate being alone without adequate care as we age. The type of policy that could work best for you would be a facility only policy. It pays for assisted living facilities as well as full scale nursing facilities.  It doesn’t pay for home care, but a single person who needs enough care to qualify to receive benefits from a long-term care insurance policy usually can’t stay home very long without needing more home care than the policy can pay. It can also be difficult to manage your medication, cook for yourself, clean your home, mow your lawn, etc. Being socially isolated can lead to depression as well.

A facility only policy costs significantly less than a plan that pays for home care which is called a comprehensive policy.  I would rather see you use your precious premium dollars to buy enough coverage to stay in a really nice assisted living facility instead of diluting them to pay for home care which you may never use. The  other tremendous advantage of being able to have assisted living care is that you have a personal unit for privacy but you can mingle with others, which often prevents the depression that can occur when living alone and not being able to get all the help you need to not only take care of yourself, but your home as well.

With further knowledge of your personal situation, I may be able to offer you some options.  Please email Rhonda@GotLTCi.com to set up a personal consultation with me.

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