How can Medicaid be the biggest threat to our economy when we are literally spending $700 billion per year on defense, most of it privatized? That’s more than half our national budget. Isn’t the US military boondoggle a bigger threat? S.C. 06-10-17

Great question! I’m glad someone is reading my website!! Actually the U.S. Federal budget is $3.65 TRILLION in 2017.  Defense is the 2nd largest item after Social Security…headed for $800+ billion in 2018. Notice I didn’t say Medicaid is the biggest budget item. I said it’s the biggest “threat” to our economy. Here’s why: The Medicaid expenditures in 2016 were $574 billion and exploding … only 10% of the 77 million baby boomers are in the long-term care claim stage.  The Affordable Care Act is bringing millions of younger people in who have never had insurance and have all sorts of chronic conditions. So you have acute care from that side and LTC from the aging side of people who have not planned for long-term care (most haven’t) squeezing the taxpayer in the middle.

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