Hi. I am a 62 year old woman with Parkinson’s disease. I took an early disability retirement in 2007. I signed up for Calpers long term care insurance in 1997 after I attended a presentation at work. They said that Calpers was self insured and at that time was not asking about pre-existing conditions or requiring any doctor letters or file copies. They said the premiums were low and were going to stay low. So I signed up. Since then I have always payed the max amount in order to keep the max coverage. Now my symptoms are worse and I need to move to assisted living to get the help I need. I recieve Social Security disability and retirement disability from the state. Once I start receiving benefits from the LTC policy will my retirement or social security be reduced?

Hi Lynnette. I am so glad you contacted me. First, I am so sorry you are having to deal with Parkinson’s disease. Second, you were so smart to take out the CalPers policy when you were only 47 and still working. It’s so important to get LTC insurance as young as possible. Now for the good news and it sounds like you can use some. There is zero connection between your social security disability and retirement disability and your CalPers policy, so you will receive all three benefits with no reductions.  More good news….your CalPers premium will stop while you are receiving benefits.  You can check your policy to see exactly when that happens.  I hope I’ve brought some sunshine to your day.

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