Do I have to sell my house to get the VA to pay for nursing home care?

To get the VA to pay for his nursing home care, the typical qualification is based on whether or not the veteran’s condition is a result of a service-connected injury, not on finances. A couple does not have to sell their house, even if the veteran winds up applying for Medicaid. It depends on what state you are in, but the veteran can transfer income to his or her spouse up to a minimum of $1,967 up to a maximum of $2,981, and income in the healthy spouse’s name is protected. For assets (not counting the house), the healthy spouse can keep up to a maximum of $119,220 this year.

But before the veteran applies for Medicaid, there is another program through the VA that could help them. It is called Aid and Attendance benefit and finances do enter into eligibility.  You  should contact the VA to see if there is any help available through that avenue.  Here’s the link and it will also get you to your regional VA office:

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