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Phyllis Shelton is the nation’s leading consumer advocate for long-term care insurance. She has the innate ability to take a process that most consider complicated and make it practical and easy to understand. This two-volume set invites affiliates to help families keep choice and dignity by planning ahead for long-term care, which can happen to people of all ages; auto accidents, brain tumors, strokes, early Alzheimer’s etc. The 6″ x 6″ ABC’s of Long-Term Care Insurance is brand-new with a “Read Me First” sticker on it, and the deeper 376 page Long-Term Care: Your Financial Planning Guide has been used as the foundation for training over 65,000 financial professionals to sell long-term care insurance. Both are written in a fun, down-to-earth style with the main goal of helping families avoid the emotional and financial ravages of being a primary caregiver with very little help.

The 2 vol. set sells for an affordable $29.95 with a 20% payout to affiliates. Phyllis Shelton believes affiliates can play a crucial role in getting this information out that long-term care insurance is vital to the economy of each state because it enables private insurance to pay first, and public dollars last. This preserves precious state budget dollars to pay for education and other critical services that we all need. She is intentionally not making it available electronically because she believes that the fun size and format of The ABC’s of Long-Term Care Insurance will result in more people actually reading and being helped by the information. With this approach, she is looking to affiliates to be the main distribution channel for her consumer books.

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