Phyllis Shelton LTCi Update

Phyllis Shelton LTCi Update with Takacs-McGinnis Elder Care Law 06-09-17


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    • Helen Blas on January 2, 2021 at 4:52 pm
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    I am 68, spouse is 70. Can you recommend a licensed person to guide us in the purchase of a LTC insurance policy. We are in Orange County, State of New York.

    1. Hi Helen, I am so glad you found me. I have helped many New Yorkers over the years. Watch for a personal email with instructions that start with completing the short questionnaire here:

    • jennifer luong on March 17, 2019 at 11:17 pm
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    I am 55 years old female and my husband is 60 years old. I am looking to buy Asset (Hybrid) care for both of us.
    is there a way for us to buy one for both of us with inflation rider. is Asset preserve from New York life a good product or is there a better product ?

    1. New York Life Asset Preserver offers you the opportunity once a year to increase your monthly benefit and hence your death benefit by 5%.You pay a lump sum for each offer when you accept it. If you turn down an offer, you won’t receive any more. The only joint policies are OneAmerica and National Guardian Life and there are certain inflation options. For a no-obligation consultation to see if these or other combo plans might be a fit for you, please complete the questionnaire at

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