My new book will tell you why 2013 is the year to get LTC insurance!

I’m so excited to announce my first comprehensive book in five years!! 368 pages!

Another book about long-term care insurance? Really?

Yes, because it’s not just another book. It’s the most honest, consumer-oriented book you will ever read on this topic. I’ve spent a quarter of a century as a national LTC insurance consultant for insurance companies, banks, credit unions, media personalities, attorneys, doctors, home care and nursing facility providers, politicians, state governments and yes, even the federal government, and over 65,000 insurance professionals have gone through my live or web-based training. Along the way, I’ve talked with thousands of consumers. (That’s my favorite thing to do, and some of them you will meet in this book.) The best part about this story is that I don’t have a boss. That’s right. I don’t work for anyone which means no one tells me what I can say or can’t say. Get it? Now you know the real reason you want to read this book…to really learn how to take care of your family by planning for long-term care with long-term care insurance.

You’re not sure LTC insurance is the best solution for you? No problem. After you read this book, you will know enough to make an informed decision and I will have done my job. However, I caution you to not procrastinate on this decision. The advice in this book has a short shelf life as the long-term care insurance market is changing rapidly. And you, dear friend, could become uninsurable with your next heartbeat. I know this after surviving an automobile accident earlier this year that totaled both cars when a 77 year old lady decided to go 10 mph on the interstate to keep from running out of gas!

And if you are worried about health care reform, just know that long-term care insurance is even more important for two reasons: 1) Americans will likely wind up spending more for acute care costs than we had planned and 2) Medicaid expansion will make state budget dollars even more scarce.

Remember, every dollar paid for long-term care by LTC insurance instead of Medicaid is a dollar left in the state budget to pay for education, public safety, jobs, and other vital services that we all need.

Got 1 minute and 39 seconds? It’s so important to me that you hear this message so watch! Why 2013 is the year to get LTC insurance






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