May 23

Parkinson’s Disease


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  1. Renee Wollitz

    I started out taking only Azilect, then Mirapex for my Parkinson disease, as the disease progressed they didn’t help much. A year ago I started on PD TREATMENT PROTOCOL from Herbal Health Point (ww w. herbalhealthpoint. c om). One month into the treatment, I made a significant recovery, my symptoms were gone including tremors . Its been months since I completed the treatment, I am symptom free and I live a very product life

    1. Phyllis Shelton

      I am so happy for you Renee! A traditional long-term care insurance plan isn’t available for you but we have other options. Please go to my calendar link and make an appointment with me. No obligation of course. https://calendly.com/phyllis-shelton

  2. Vincent Delorge

    The main motor symptoms are collectively called parkinsonism, or a “parkinsonian syndrome”. Parkinson’s disease is often defined as a parkinsonian syndrome that is idiopathic (having no known cause), although some atypical cases have a genetic origin. Many risk and protective factors have been investigated: the clearest evidence is for an increased risk of PD in people exposed to certain pesticides and a reduced risk in tobacco smokers.”-‘*

    Catch ya later

    1. Phyllis Shelton

      Thank you Vincent. We always value medical input on this site.

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