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The Duckett Family


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  1. Rochelle says:

    Hello, I have been thinking it is time for me to check into LTC. any information that can help me would be of great value. I’m very healthy at this time but we never know what tomorrow brings and don’t want to be a burden to my children.
    Thank You, Rochelle

    1. Phyllis Shelton says:

      YES, you are so smart to check into LTC insurance, Rochelle! If you don’t have a local financial professional who is knowledgeable in long-term care insurance, I’m happy to help. Please complete the short questionnaire at for yourself and your spouse or partner if applicable so I can check some options for you.

  2. L. Zhang says:

    A great story to tell people what we should do to our loved ones.

    1. Phyllis Shelton says:

      that’s why I put it there, Ling. Such a wonderful story and it made all the difference in Helen and Vernon Duckett’s quality of life. Please share, share and share it some more!

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